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Home Styling during COVID-19 lockdown

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

If the COVID-19 lockdown has you climbing the walls of your home, you may start to notice problems with those very walls. Your furniture, lighting, and accessory choices may also start to get on your nerves. We offer interior design ideas and improvements that can help you fall back in love with your space. Best of all, we offer home styling remotely!

Small Changes With Individual Pieces

While we're trying to limit contact due to the risk of COVID-19, bringing new products and materials into your Toronto home may be problematic. One of our remote interior design professionals will be happy to offer you tips on remote styling for your space.

Before We Talk

When you're ready to video conference with an interior design professional about your space, make sure you center yourself in the area that bugs you the most.

For home styling remotely to work, we need to know where our interior design professionals can make the biggest difference. If time in lockdown has you hating your bedroom, let's chat from that space. We may be able to give you ideas on textures for linens and pillows that will brighten your home, relieve stress and increase your happiness.

Ready to Share?

If you've been considering connecting with an interior design expert for your Toronto home, you may feel that you're not ready for a before and after type of confession. However, your privacy matters just as much to us as your comfort. We would love to share your remote styling success with others working through lockdown. Any photos we post on our accounts would protect you and inspire others trapped in lockdown.

Room by Room

Our online styling services are ready to help with your biggest pain points. However, once you're settled into your new to you space with furniture and accessories that you adore, you may want to progress onto the next room! Our interior design professionals can help you work at your pace to brighten your Toronto home.


Contacting us for help with a remote interior design consultation is a great way to brighten your mood during these worrisome times. During lockdown, beautifying your home is about much more than aesthetics. You can lower your stress and lift your outlook with an online styling session. Contact us for a consultation about what bugs you the most, and let's turn your Toronto home into an ideal lockdown experience!

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