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Tips for Home Styling While in Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic is posing a serious risk to millions of people on the planet. For those of us lucky enough to be able to safely shelter in place, this lockdown provides a chance to focus on what truly matters and take stock of what we have vs. what really matters to us.

Clean, Clean Clean

The first step to updating your Toronto home is to clean the space thoroughly. Luckily, you can do this while you move the big ticket items. If your goal is to move the sofa and move some artwork, carefully vacuum or dust mop the floor while you're at it. Wash down baseboards before you set anything back against the wall. Dust everything you touch carefully and polish the appropriate pieces once they're in place.

Research Everyone has objects in their home that make them smile. If you love music, it may be an album cover or a poster from a concert. For those who love the great outdoors, it may be a landscape painting, a rare mineral or rock, or even a plant that thrives no matter the amount of light it gets. If you love it, linger over it. Gather these beloved items before you start your Home Styling project and make sure they have a place of honour in the new layout.

Tranquillity While pulling out your favourite things, create places of visual rest in your Toronto home. Please note that this doesn't mean you have to paint your walls white,

though repainting does force you to move everything and clean as you go. Part of the process of Interior Design is to create a space where your truly remarkable possessions and personality can sparkle. If the whole place is too sparkly, there's no place for true uniqueness. Let there be light

Before you make any purchases or even start measuring to move furniture, study how light moves through your home. If you're living on an upper floor or working in an upstairs bedroom, remember that snow will make light reflect up into your living space.

In addition to utilizing Home styling tips to create a restful spot for the eye, try to leave room along the floor for limited winter light to travel around your home. Add reflective features such as small mirrors to your space to bounce light into dark corners.

If adding a lamp can help you live in style by banishing dark corners, lessen the load on the floor with a hanging lamp to create a shaft or pool of light. Again, these Home styling tips are about creating a sense of space or reserve around your most treasured items. Displaying a beloved piece of pottery in a private corner under a hanging lamp is an invitation to stop and enjoy. Still need some help? Social Distance Design We can help you put what you have to the best use from a distance. Remote Home Styling professionals can work from pictures of what you currently have and help you turn it into exactly what you want. We can also help you determine what you can logically expect to do now and what you'll have to do when we can get back into the world.

If your COVID-19 quarantine partners don't have the patience to deal with moving furniture or art, or if your need to get rid of items you've been wanting to toss for a while is a source of stress, we can help you make what changes you can manage now to Live In Style. You may want to schedule an appointment with an interior design professional for the end of quarantine. Now you've got the time, don't rush With help from Remote Home Styling professionals, you can classify the objects you love. You may also find issues with your home that you don't love. When we're busy and out in the world, it's easy to ignore certain dark corners, clumsy furniture arrangements or piles of clutter. Once you're home for a while, those very aspects may start to drive you wild. Focus on what you want to keep and think about where you can enjoy them the most. When you're ready to talk, we're here for you.

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